ilovedust’s new office interior

UK-based design boutique ilovedust is one of my favourite design studios. Revered for their amazing illustration and animation work, they operate from two studios, one in London and the other in Southsea, Hampshire, where they produce work for some high-profile clients such as Nike, MTV Networks and Ray-Ban.

They recently relocated their London-based studio to a new premises, and had free reign regarding the interior. The result is an incredible blend of industrial minimalism and country cottage vintage, a refreshing departure from the increasingly gimmicky, supposedly quirky, office spaces that are popping up everywhere.

By paring concrete floors and industrial lighting with generous amounts of reclaimed wood, mid-century modern pieces, and natural artefacts, the team have created a unique environment that is both functional and resonates warmth.

It’s an office that looks productive and professional, yet relaxed and inviting, a space that compliments the work they’ve grown famous for. The project was collaboration between ilovedust and their interior specialist friends over at 44thhill.

Since I wrote this blog post just over three years ago, this type of styling has taken off in a big way, especially for smaller agencies and studios. However, the minimalist, almost cubist, kind of spaces have remained a stalwart for agencies’ offices.

This post originally appeared on 22 October 2011